Yoga Therapy

Lara Paran

Get closer to yourself

Costumed yoga, to deepen a sense of peace and calm, in body and in mind



One-on-one practice

In my studio, in Jaffa, or in the student’s house


Why one on one


Each of us has his or her own unique needs arising from a different health condition, lifestyle, age, etc. Personal yoga practice enables a precise tailored experience as it gives the teacher full attention to the student. This type of practice is rooted in traditional yoga, in which yoga is personal and is based on a teacher-student interaction. Such practice is designed to bring the practitioner to a gradual balance in body and mind.

Who am I


​A yoga instructor specializing in rehabilitative yoga. A student of the wonderful teacher, Neta Barnea who brought me closer to myself and taught me the secrets of yoga, and of the great teachers Dr. Gill Solberg and Ohad Interator who equipped me with practical tools for handling stable and motion problems.

Many years of practice have taken away layers and patterns that do not serve me anymore and have allowed me to get closer to myself.

Contact Info

Lara Paran


My studio is located in Jaffa

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